Apprentice L.A.: Episode 2

Carey thought that the pink man-kini bottom he designed would be the big hit of the Apprentice L.A. fashion show. He was the only one surprised when Trump gave him the axe.

teams had to design three women’s and three men’s swimsuits for a
runway show on the beach at Palisades Park. Whichever team sold the
most suits to prospective buyers would spend the next week in the Apprentice mansion, take a trip to the Playboy Mansion, and also be exempt from next week’s task.

team, which now calls itself Kinetic, designed six traditional suits in
solid colors. The team functioned well as a group, although Marisa
wondered if it might be time for Heidi to take a back seat and let
someone else lead. Unfortunately for Marisa, the project manager stays
in charge until the team loses, and that may not happen for a while.

took over last week’s losers, team Arrow. She gave Carey control over
the design of the men’s suits, and that’s where it all went wrong.

said he had dreamed of being a fashion designer, and this was his
chance. His first suit was a standard knee-length board short for the
straight man. Second was a mid-thigh boxer brief style suit for the
metro sexual man. And finally, the piece de resistance — a spandex
short short in a pink print for the gay man.

And that gay man was Carey.

enthusiastic was Carey about his tiny swim bottom that he modeled it on
the runway himself, oblivious to the uncomfortable snickering of his
fellow candidates, Donald Trump, and the swimsuit buyers.

experiment in minimalism doomed team Arrow. They sold $19,600 in
merchandise, while Kinetic sold over $20,000. Arrow’s total sales from
their three men’s suits was only $360.

In the boardroom, several
people, including Carey, blamed the loss on sourpuss Michelle, but
Trump wasn’t buying it. Carey designed a suit that could be worn by
only a small number of men — although Trump did clarify that he
himself could wear it, because of his own “great, GREAT body.” Trump decided that the suit’s designer deserved the blame for the loss.

only Carey could have swallowed his pride and stopped defending his
design, he could’ve more forcefully argued that Nicole the Project
Manager had final approval of the suits. But he was blinded by his love
for his tiny pink swimsuit, which he continued to moon over in the
boardroom. Consequently, he was downsized.

Next week, the winning
Kinetic Corp. spends the day lounging around, while the losers of Arrow
Corp. fight for the right to spend another night in crappy tents.

I think I’d rather be fired.