Apprentice L.A.: Episode 4

“Two chickens!” That was the only argument Marisa offered in her defense in the Apprentice boardroom. No wonder she was fired.

Surya jumped ship from Kinetic to join the woefully undermanned Team Arrow, Trump gave the teams
the task of designing a new dish for the fast food chain, El Pollo Loco.

keeping with the “crazy chicken” theme of the restaurant, Marisa wanted
to promote Team Kinetic’s pineapple and mango chicken bowl — the
“Paradise Pollo Bowl” — by strategically positioning two people in
chicken costumes on street corners. Her Kinetic teammates politely
rejected the idea.

When her first idea didn’t fly, Marisa
suggested…two guys in chicken costumes, again. And again, the idea
was rejected. It wasn’t accepted after the third and fourth times she
mentioned it, either.

Kinetic ended up losing the challenge
because they relied on single sales from their restaurant, while Arrow
managed a bulk sale of their own tortilla and chicken concoctions to
the employees at a nearby car dealership.

But you can guess why Marisa thought her team lost.

the boardroom, she kept interrupting everyone, including Trump, crying,
“Two chickens! Two chickens!” Eventually her teammates just laughed at
her, and even Trump’s patience ran out.

Trump fired Marisa, but his customary, “That decision was very hard,” statement rang more hollow than usual.

The Apprentice
is off next week because the Chicago Bears will be busy winning Super
Bowl XLI. In two weeks, the candidates try their hand at bee farming.