Apprentice L.A.: Episode 9

Muna, your accent is Jamaican Trump crazy!

This week’s task on The Apprentice L.A.
put Kinetic Project Manager Kristine in a difficult position. Teams
were asked to create a 45-second soap opera around Soft Scrub, to be
featured on the company’s website. Because of Muna’s attention to
detail, Kristine proposed putting Muna behind the camera.

But Muna — who has a thick Jamaican accent — said she’d prefer to be one of the actors.

than risk putting a peeved Muna in the director’s chair, Kristine
consented to let her act opposite Heidi. Then, during the film shoot,
Kristine did the unthinkable and left the set to buy props, trusting
that things would run smoothly in her absence.

Things did not run smoothly.

was excited and talking at double speed — often while Heidi was
delivering her lines. The result was a garbled, unintelligible mess.

Kristine returned, she immediately saw the problem and made an effort
to slow her hyperactive actress down in subsequent scenes. But she
never reviewed the two scenes that were already in the can; if she had,
there surely would’ve been retakes.

Meanwhile, James had stepped
into the role of Project Manager at Arrow. Apart from some ridiculous
overacting on the part of Tim, Nicole, and especially Frank, the
project went off without a hitch. James’s strength as a manager was
knowing when to just get out of the way.

The Soft Scrub execs
agreed that Kinetic’s mini-opera had a better premise than Arrow’s (an
adulterous friend trying to wash away the evidence vs. an interrputed
marriage proposal),. But the execs couldn’t understand a thing Muna

Arrow won the task and earned themselves a lunch with the
Gubernator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who lied and said he was excited to
meet with them. Compared to Muna’s soap opera performace, Arnold
sounded like he’d been born and raised in Cleveland.

In the
Boardroom, all signs pointed to Kristine’s firing. Her attempt to
manage Muna’s moods had sabotaged the final prodect, she left the set
at a critical point in the filming, and she didn’t integrate the
sponsor’s product well.

But then Trump asked his favorite Olympian, Angela, who she’d rather have on her team. She said she’d keep Kristine.

fired up and fighting for her life, called out her closest ally, Heidi,
and asked who she’d rather have on her team, assuming that the answer
would be her. This bold (foolish?) move amused Trump, and he pressed
Heidi for her answer.

Heidi acted as if Trump had just tossed
Kristine and Muna into the ocean, and she was holding the only
lifering. She fought against answering the question for ages, until she
finally said, “Kristine.”

Muna was not pleased. Heidi tried to
play politics and offer some explanation for why, up until this point,
she’d been telling Muna she preferred working with her. But it didn’t
matter. Muna’s fate was sealed, and she was fired.

Next week,
the teams are reorganized. James volunteers Nicole to join the other
team against her wishes, and Nicole isn’t happy about it.