Ox Notes: March 27, 2007

Still Immortal, Just Demoted To Basic Cable
Hercules is back, and he’s just where you’d expect to find a son of Zeus: The Hallmark Channel. Kevin Sorbo plays the strongest priest in the world in Avenging Angel.

I Would’ve Preferred Piper Laurie
According to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, Piper Perabo will be appearing as a love interest on Fox’s House. Hopefully, that won’t interfere with any potential commitments she might have to Cheaper By The Dozen 3.

Smelling Like A Melrose
For those who prefer that their TV show titles be puns based on character names, Heather Locklear has taken on the title role in ABC’s See Jayne Run, where she plays an investment banker who has sex with various 1980s rock stars, or something to that effect.

Real Hookers Make More Money And Don’t Get Caged
One of my daily must-reads, Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy, has a new podcast in which Matheson interviews a professional background actor: the anonymous people who stand around at concerts, sit in classrooms, or play "hooker in a cage" on your favorite show, while the principal actors do their thing in the foreground. The interview begins about six minutes into the podcast.