Ox Notes: April 13, 2007

Summer TV Schedules
Networks are starting to announce their summer plans already. First out of the block for NBC is America’s Got Talent, premiering on May 29 with new host Jerry Springer. Last Comic Standing, with new host Bill Bellamy, will premiere on June 13, followed the next week by a new dating series call Age of Love. The Biggest Loser will return sometime later in the summer.

Bravo is planning a slew of new reality shows for the summer, including one entitled Millionaire Matchmaker, and another that will follow Paula Abdul’s private life. If the show is anything like one of Paula’s legendary morning TV interviews, it should be disturbing.

Of Course Not, Baby
Yesterday, someone found our homepage picture amusing and, as a result, was kind enough to link to us from the Television Without Pity forums. In the same post, she mentioned the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Blog, which I had never seen before, but which offers a professional’s opinion on each week’s Dancing with the Stars performances. Good stuff.

Many thanks to zengirl at TWoP, wherever and whoever you may be!

Start the Weekend Early
Your body may be at work, but your mind is already at home relaxing. Here are a couple of good ways to kill time until it’s time before your afternoon commute:

1) Reality Star Hangouts — MSN City Guides asked reality stars where they like to eat or party when they’re at home or on the road. Cheryl Burke likes to dine on pizza at Giordano’s when she’s in Chicago — but that’s just because she hasn’t tried an Italian beef from Portillo’s yet.

2) TV Shows on DVD — An oldie, but still addictive as ever. This is the place on the Web to search for television shows released on DVD. Wondering if That Girl ever made it to DVD? (It did.) What about Cop Rock? (It didn’t.) Spend the rest of the afternoon looking up shows by title or perusing the calendar of upcoming release dates.