Ox Notes: April 17, 2007

Dancing with the Stars News
People filed a report from behind the scenes at last night’s Performance Show. Most of the post-show chatter was about muscles, as Haley Cyrus praised her "ripped" dad, and John Ratzenberger bragged that his legs are "like oak trees."

Clyde thinks he’ll be the next to go home. Not only that, he wants to be next to go. With that attitude, I almost want him to stay, just so he can’t get back to his golf game so soon.

Our latest Performance Show recap includes videos of several of the dances.

TV Guide has an interview with Season 3 contestant Joey Lawrence, who discussed playing a killer on CSI: Miami. The episode is scheduled to air on April 25.

The Band Formerly Known As Rock Star Supernova (That Was Previously Known As Supernova)
After losing a court battle over the right to call themselves Supernova, and being forced to call themselves Rock Star Supernova, the band has decided to change their name — although they haven’t decided on a new name yet. Here are a couple of ideas: We Quit, or perhaps It Was Fun While It Lasted.

No New Bones This Week
Fox has decided to postpone airing a new episode of Bones on Wednesday in favor of a repeat, due to concerns of viewer sensitivity after the tragedy at Virginia Tech. The new episode focused on human remains uncovered on a college campus.