Survivor Fiji: Episode 11

Alex is definitely not the criminal mastermind he thinks he is. But he’s at least smart enough to save himself.

After the trampling of the Four Horsemen at the previous Tribal Council, Dreamz tried to convince his former allies — Mookie and Alex — that he’d been in the dark about the other alliance’s plans and hadn’t sold out the Horsemen.

But that still didn’t explain why he’d cast his vote for Mookie.

The day after Tribal Council, the castaways were split into two temporary teams for the Reward Challenge. One member of each team used a slingshot to launch a ball into a muddy field, and the other members of the team tried to catch it in something like a wicker lacrosse stick. Any ball caught counted as a point for the catcher’s team, no matter which team launched the ball.

Yau-Man aimed his slingshot for Mookie, Cassandra, and Boo, while Stacy fired for Earl, Alex, and Dreamz. Things got a little scary when Boo went down with a knee injury and had to be examined by the show’s medics. But Boo simply stood up, popped his ligament back into place with an audible "Pop!" and went on with the game.

The players got dirty, and not just because of the mud. Cassandra tripped Alex and put Earl in a choke hold. Her tactics didn’t help, ultimately, and Earl’s team went on to win the challenge.

Their reward: a hot shower, a good meal, and an overnight stay at a spa. They also sent Boo to Exile Island, since he’d spent the entire first half of the game living at the nice camp.

Alex used the spa opportunity to try and ingratiate himself with Earl, Stacy, and Dreamz, but there was no way he was getting into the alliance.

Once the group returned to camp, Mookie and Alex decided they needed to do something to save themselves. Mookie had been talking with Dreamz, and they’d realized that, since Yau-Man was rarely away from camp, he was the most likely to have found the other Hidden Immunity Idol.

Yau-Man left with a small group to go fishing, leaving his bag at camp unattended. Mookie, with Alex keeping watch, riffled through Yau-Man’s stuff and found the Idol in Yau-Man’s pants pocket. He showed the Idol to Alex and shoved it back into the bag.

The two criminal masterminds traipsed off into the woods, where they excitedly discussed what they should do with their illicitly-gained knowledge. They decided to put Yau-Man on the spot at Tribal Council and force him to show everyone the contents of his pockets.

Once the others discovered that Yau-Man had been keeping that information from them, the alliance would fracture, brother would turn against brother, and Yau-Man would be clubbed to death by his alliance-mates like a baby seal. Finally, after over a dozen seasons of Survivor, someone had come up with the perfect plan!

And even if it didn’t work, Alex reasoned, they’d be "going out in a blaze of glory. Scarface style."

That’s when a twig snapped behind them. Stacy and Cassandra had been hiding a short distance away, trying to eavesdrop on the whole conversation. Alex turned to Mookie and muttered, "We’re screwed."

They ran back to camp, hoping to get to Yau-Man before Cassandra and Stacy did. They found him walking along the beach, where they tried to strongarm him: "We know that you have the Idol. Now, do you want to tell the group yourself, or do you want us to do it?"

After admitting that they’d gone through his belongings, Alex and Mookie kept up their tough-guy posturing, as if they expected Yau-Man to cry, panic, beg them not to tell, or offer to go home immediately. Instead, Yau-Man calmly said, "You guys do what you need to do."

Yau-Man knew that he wasn’t in any danger, but figured it was best to tell his voting block about the incident. He explained that Alex and Mookie had gone through his belongings, found his Immunity Idol, and threatened him with the information.

Stacy, Cassandra, and Dreamz all but ignored the revelation about having the Idol — instead becoming incensed that the Mookie and Alex had gone through Yau-Man’s personal stuff and then tried to bully him.

Later that day, all of the castaways took part in an individual Immunity Challenge — a strategy game akin to the board game Battleship. Each contestant secretly chose three consecutive (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) squares on a grid.

One at a time, each contestant chose one square on the grid to "bomb." Once all three of a contestant’s squares had been bombed, he or she was out of the game.

Dreamz and Cassandra got the game off to an auspicious start by forgetting which squares they’d chosen for themselves. Each bombed one of their own squares.

After that, everyone wound up playing a pretty solid game, and Stacy, by eliminating Alex and Yau-Man in a single move, won Immunity.

When the castaways got back to camp, Boo got all worked up because the clue he’d found on Exile Island implied that the re-buried second Hidden Immunity Idol was easy to find. He became convinced that Alex or Mookie might have found it, and for some reason, Cassandra and Stacy agreed.

Without a single clue between them, Alex and Mookie weren’t even looking for the Idol. Earl and Yau-Man suspected as much, but wisely kept quiet, so as not to seem argumentative.

The group ultimately decided to split its votes between Alex and Mookie. Once Jeff Probst announced the 3-3 tie (plus Alex’s and Mookie’s votes), the group would revote and choose Alex.

Only Alex had ideas of his own. He and Mookie had made a big to-do about "going down swinging" and causing havoc at Tribal Council. But in the end, they weren’t able to make much of a stink. Mookie cast a throwaway vote for Boo, and Alex cast the deciding vote against Mookie.

Mookie was "relieved" to be out of the game, and only regretted that he wasn’t going to be at camp to "make everyone’s lives miserable."

Next week, Alex adopts a "ninja" strategy to gather what information he can, and Boo won’t stop talking.