DwtS 4, Week 7: Results Show

The viewing audience agreed with the judges on which couples belonged in the Bottom Two, but disagreed with them on which couple was the worst. Though Billy Ray & Karina got the lowest scores, it was John & Edyta whose dancing days came to an end.

Before announcing which couple would give this evening’s encore performance, Len Goodman had to explain how the judges made their selection. Joey & Kym’s Jive and Laila & Maksim’s Samba both earned perfect scores last night, and since they couldn’t decide on a favorite, the judges tossed a coin to determine the encore.

Laila & Maksim won the coin toss and performed their Samba.

Tonight’s special musical guest was Meat Loaf, and he performed his epic song "Bat Out of Hell" as DwtS pros Alec, Elena, Brian, Kym, Cheryl, and Louis danced. Unfortunately, the song’s frequent tempo changes made the whole performance seem a little disjointed — although I’m always happy to see the pros perform.

After the performance, Samantha caught up with Ian and Joey. Ian teased Joey about his success with the judges, calling him "the golden boy," and said that everyone — even Justin Timberlake — knows that Joey was the "driving force behind ‘N Sync."

The brief interview was followed by what was easily the funniest comedic segment that has ever been done on Dancing with the Stars. Sports anchor and DwtS 2 contestant Kenny Mayne hosted "Dance Center," analyzing each of the six remaining couples. He and his co-host, Jerry Rice, wore sequined shirts, while their color analyst, Len, wore one of his usual suits.

Some of the highlights from "Dance Center":

  • Kenny on Ian’s chances: "He’s with Cheryl Burke. Women hate her. They’re voting against her. No shot. Moving on."
  • Kenny said that Laila has a "70-inch reach."
  • Kenny used a Telestrator to circle Joey’s butt, and wrote "BIG!!" across it.
  • Kenny nicknamed John "J-Rat," and said he was "70, 80 years old."
  • When Len complimented Billy Ray, Kenny asked, "Why you givin’ him such crappy scores then?"
  • Apolo’s "Stat Sheet" included the note, "Born with the goatee."

The next performance was by three young couples, the youngest being a pair of 9-year-olds. Alec Mazo did a nice job helping with their choreography, leaving out some of the sexier moves that can make some Latin performances by kid couples a bit creepy, or at least awkward.

The last (and best) performance of the night was by current U.S. Professional Standard Ballroom Champions Jonathan Wilkins & Katusha Demidova — accompanied by Meat Loaf. Jonathan & Katusha were the winners of this year’s America’s Ballroom Challenge, and they gave another breathtakingly beautiful performance tonight.

When last night’s audience was asked to pick their favorite couple, it was no surprise that former Beverly Hills 90210 cast members Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling chose Ian & Cheryl.

John & Edyta were the first couple to learn they were in the Bottom Two. When Billy Ray & Karina were told they were in the bottom as well, Billy Ray said, "Understandably so."

Billy Ray really seemed to believe that he was on his way out, and he cringed when John’s name was called instead. On behalf of the entire crew, Samantha thanked Edyta for the fine work she’s done on all four seasons of the show.

While the band played Paul Young’s "Everytime You Go Away," John and all of the cast members did the bunny hop.