Ox Notes: May 7, 2007

They Already Lost Me
Lost’s creators announced that the show will conclude after another three seasons. Each season will consist of 16 episodes, aired without the traditional break in between the fall and spring seasons. Executive producer Carlton Cuse said, "By defining the endpoint we can now really map out the rest of the series in confidence."

A self-imposed deadline is good for the show, creatively. Unfortunately, it comes a little too late for me. After watching the first two seasons intently, I became fed up with the characters’ ceaseless bickering, the pointless flashbacks, and the serious lack of answers — so I stopped watching Lost. And I don’t miss it.

DwtS News
Laila’s dad, Muhammad Ali, will be in the audience at tonight’s DwtS Performance Show.

TV Guide features a nice profile of the five pros still competing on Dancing with the Stars.

Oscar de la Hoya tells Extra’s Mario Lopez that he’s planning on doing DwtS as soon as he retires from boxing.

Since I skipped a formal Power Rankings post last week, I’ll say that I’m only sure of the fate of two couples this week: Billy Ray & Karina will be in the Bottom Two, and Apolo & Julianne won’t be. We’ll finally get to see how the voting audience feels about Ian and Joey, and whether there really is some latent anti-female bias that could hurt Laila’s chances for victory.

Amazing Breakup
After receiving their $1 million check on this morning’s Early Show, Eric & Danielle announced that they are no longer a couple. I, for one, am shocked. I really thought this couple was going to make it, what with their obvious chemistry and the frequent sexual innuendos — oh wait, I was thinking of Eric and his previous partner, Jeremy.

One couple that’s still together is The Beauty Queens. Dustin said of her tiff with Kandice, "the blonde bickering we had was nothing," and the two remain BFFs.