Ox Notes: May 14, 2007

NBC’s fall lineup. What to expect on tonight’s DwtS. Survivor’s low-rated finale. And a Deadliest Catch captain rescues tourists in his off-time.

NBC’s Fall ScheduleNBC was the first network to present their fall TV Schedule this week. Of course, the schedule may change as rival network’s announce their own schedule’s throughout the week.

DwtS News
Cheryl Burke posted at her TV Guide Celebrity Blog that she and Ian Ziering will be performing the Tango and Jive at tonight’s Dancing with the Stars Performance Show. A post at Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s forum said that he and Laila Ali will be doing the Cha Cha Cha and the Quickstep.

Bruno Tonioli gave his assessment of the final four couples to USA Today.

Survivor’s Falling Ratings
The finale of Survivor: Fiji was watched by 13.54 million people — making it the least watched Survivor finale ever. I can’t help but wonder if ratings suffered because Jeff Probst leaked the biggest story of the season well ahead of time: that Dreamz would make a controversial decision. Since Dreamz’s options were keeping his word or not, and keeping his word wouldn’t be so controversial, there couldn’t be much doubt as to what Dreamz had decided to do.

Captain Painter to the Rescue
Blake Painter, who captains the Maverick on The Deadliest Catch, helped transport passengers off of the cruise ship that crashed in Alaska late last night.

As for other Deadliest Catch rescues, I finally caught the episode entitled "Cheating Death," in which the Time Bandit pulls a crewman from another ship out of the water alive. After starting the season with three deaths, it was incredibly moving to see how Captain Johnathan Hillstrand’s expert piloting and the crew’s safety training enabled them to save a life .

The episode airs again on May 28. If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it enough.