DwtS 4, Week 9: Results Show

There will be no Dancing with the Stars threepeat for Cheryl. She and her partner, Ian Ziering, were sent home a week before the Season 4 finals.

When introducing this evening’s encore, Len said that the judges were pleased to have so many great dances to choose from. But only one dance began with one of the stars kissing Carrie Ann on the cheek, so Joey & Kym were asked to reprise their Jive.

Tonight’s musical guest was Enrique Iglesias, and DwtS pros Alec, Edyta, Louis, and Karina danced as Iglesias performed his hit, "Hero." The pros will be performing the same routine on the DwtS summer tour.

The dancing was great, in particular a lovely spin by Louis and Karina. Yet, it was not the most impressive move I’ve ever seen set to the song "Hero"…

The performance was followed by reaction from last night’s studio audience. Jane Seymour (a.k.a. Dr. Quinn) likes Joey: "He really made everybody who doesn’t dance want to dance." One fan suggested that Len’s might improve if he incorporated more bran into his diet.

After the fan segment, Joey & Kym were told that they would be moving on to the finals next week. The rest of the couples were left to sweat it out until the end of the show.

The next performance of the night was by Flamenco star Joaquin Cortes. His dancing was very interesting, although I couldn’t see it becoming a regular part of Dancing with the Stars. The four musicians accompanying the dance were the real highlight of the performance.

Enrique Iglesias then returned to perform a new song, "Do You Know." However, this performance did not feature any dancers.

Two pretaped segments followed the live performances, one featuring the judges’ opinions of the couples, and another featuring the stars’ assessments of their competitors. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much fresh content in either segment. Len told us that the athletes are good at training and the performers are good at putting on a show.

The three at-risk couples took the stage to learn their fate. Laila & Maks were told that they were safe. Apolo & Julianne only had to worry for a moment, as Ian & Cheryl were sent home.

Ian felt that the perfect score he received for his Jive last night was victory enough, and he was just happy to have learned how to dance. A gracious Cheryl said that she considers Ian as much of a winner as her previous champion partners, Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith.