SYTYCD 3, Top 18: Results Show

The judges gave the dancer who seemed most in danger of elimination one last chance to shine on So You Think You Can Dance.

Tonight’s Results Show began with a group dance choreographed by Shane Sparks to Wade Robson’s "It Was All In Your Mind."

After the performance, the first three couples took the stage. Lauren & Neil were told they were safe, as were Jamie & Hok. Jessi & Pasha wound up in the Bottom 3, to the shock of the studio audience and the judges.

Then the second group of couples was up. Lacey & Kameron, Anya & Danny, and Sabra & Dominic were all safe.

That meant that Faina & Cedric, Shauna & Jimmy, and Sara & Jesus were all in danger. Sara & Jesus were the only couple to walk away unscathed. The judges said they were not shocked to see either Shauna & Jimmy or Faina & Cedric at the bottom.

Then, it was time for the six couples at the bottom to dance for their lives. Here are the songs they danced to:
Jessi — Kina, "Hurts So Bad"
Pasha — Robert Randolph & The Family Band, "Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With That"
Shauna — Lifehouse, "Everything"
Jimmy — Charlotte Martin, "Veins"
Faina — The Contours, "Do You Love Me"
Cedric — Imogen Heap, "Hide and Seek"

Cedric gave the same solo performance he’s given all season, while Shauna absolutely killed in her performance, doing spins that I didn’t know were possible without ice skates. And Faina had crimped hair.

As the judges deliberated which dancers to eliminate, Daddy Yankee performed live.

Finally, it was time for the judges to announce their decision. The girls were up first, and the judges were quick to tell Shauna that, due to her great solo performance, she was safe. The judges unanimously decided that Faina’s solo didn’t cut it, and she was told to go.

Before announcing which boy was eliminated, Nigel said that this decision was not unanimous. Nigel first told Pasha that he was safe, warning that he would need better solos in the future.

Then Nigel said that the judges were faced with choosing between good dancing and uniqueness. Mary opted for good dancing (Jimmy), while Mia and Nigel chose uniqueness (Cedric). But Nigel told Cedric that this was his last chance, and said that he wouldn’t save Cedric, should he fall to the bottom three in the future.

Because they lost their partners, Cedric and Shauna will dance as a pair from now on.