Ox Notes: July 6, 2007

Joey McIntyre’s latest Dancing with the Stars tour blog entry is up at People. He and the other Joeys (and Drew) have reworked the show a bit to include more singing.

Kevin Sorbo spoke with TV Guide about his new cowboy drama Avenging Angel, which debuts on the Hallmark Channel Saturday night at 9 ET.

As Barry Bonds gets closer to becoming Major League Baseball’s career home run champion, ESPN and Fox are scrambling to negotiate a deal so that they can air the historic homer live.

This weekend’s big worldwide event is the series of Live Earth concerts being held across the globe. But the timing of the concerts makes live international television broadcasts a challenge. All of the concerts are being held locally on July 7, but here are their US start times (all times ET):

Friday, July 6
Sydney — 9:10 pm
Tokyo — 11 pm
Saturday, July 7
Shanghai — 7 am
Hamburg — 8 am
London — 8:30 am
Johannesburg — 12 pm
New York — 2:30 pm
Rio de Janeiro — 3 pm

MSN has the lineup of artists performing at each event.

Here are the best places to watch Live Earth from the US, on the web and on TV:
MSN.com — live streaming coverage of all concerts beginning tonight at 9 pm ET
Sundance Channel — 22 hours of (mostly) live coverage beginning Saturday at 4 am ET
Bravo — 17.5 hours of coverage beginning Saturday at 9 am ET
CNBC — 7 hours of highlights beginning Saturday at 7 pm ET
NBC — 3 hours of highlights beginning Saturday at 8 pm ET

I just hope I can wake up early enough to see Spinal Tap play Live Earth London.