Ox Notes: July 24, 2007

Looks like I’ll have to make other entertainment arrangements this evening: CBS has canceled Pirate Master. CBS will post a new episode of the show on their website every Tuesday, and what would have been tonight’s episode is already available.

Drew Carey has been named the new host of The Price Is Right, and I think CBS made the right choice (no offense, Ian Ziering).

No details yet, but apparently Activision is creating a video game version of Dancing with the Stars. I’m sure I’ll buy it regardless, but unless the game is very active like Dance Dance Revolution, I’m not sure that a DwtS video game makes much sense.

Turner Broadcasting is launching a network in the U.K. aimed at young men. They are calling it NutsTV. Groan.

Premiere has a list of TV shows that should be made into movies. While I agree that a Veronica Mars film would be great, a film version of Lost would never work — unless the movie was about 12 hours long.