Ox Notes: July 25, 2007

Spoilers for tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance are available here. In addition to one dance per couple (and everyone has new partners), each individual dancer will perform the same solo, choreographed by Wade Robson.

The Amazing Race 12’s season has been shortened by two episodes — producers have dropped the non-elimination legs to create more excitement. While the change will give each leg a greater sense of urgency, Colin & Christie’s "My ox is broken!" meltdown occurred on a non-elimination leg in Season 5, and that episode is still my single favorite from any season.

If you haven’t heard about the controversy surrounding The Next Food Network Star, here’s a good synopsis of what happened.

Thanks to David Beckham, Americans are watching soccer. Nearly 1.5 million tuned in for his debut as a member of the Los Angeles Galaxy. A word of advice when watching future broadcasts: hit the mute button when they interview Beckham. His high-pitched voice distracts from his good looks.

And for serious TV fans, the place to be this weekend is…Comic-Con? The San Diego comic book convention has become the place to get the early buzz on new fall shows, especially animated shows or those in the sci-fi genre. One show from last fall played particularly well at 2006’s Comic-Con: Heroes.