SYTYCD 3, Top 8: Results

It was time to say B-bye to the B-boy and -girl on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

To start the show, the group performed a Matrix-inspired (I think) routine choreographed by Shane Sparks to Ciara’s "Get Up." Then Nigel killed the mood by launching into a warning for the dancers that they need to start thinking now about what to do with their lives after their dancing careers are over.

Since there were still 50 minutes of show to fill, all eight of the dancers gave solos in their own styles. The girls went first, followed by the boys.

Girls’ Solos:
Sara — Big Daddy Kane,"Set It Off"

Lacey — Rocket Summer, "I’m Doing Everything"

Sabra — Shemekia Copeland, "Better Not Touch"

Lauren — P. Diddy feat. Keshia Coles, "Last Night"

Lacey’s solo was the weakest of the bunch; there was so little content that, despite being only 30 seconds long, Lacey’s solo was boring. She’s great with a partner, but I’m not sold on her as a soloist.

Boys’ Solos:
Neil — James Morrison, "Better Man"

Danny — Elvis Presley, "Fever"

Dominic — Carl Carlton, "She’s a Bad Mama Jama"

Pasha — "Scott and Fran’s Paso Doble" from Strictly Ballroom

Pasha had the best solo of the guys, and not just because he did his shirtless (although it certainly didn’t hurt). He wisely chose to dance a solo Paso Doble — the Latin dance that most naturally suits a solo performance — using a cape as a prop. Did I mention he was shirtless?

The girls were brought out first to find out which two received the lowest number of votes, and then the boys learned their results. Sara and Lauren wound up at the bottom with Neil and Dominic.

The final results would have to wait a little longer, as it was then time for the band One Republic to perform their single "Apologize."

Finally, we learned whose journey was over. Sara and Dominic were sent packing.

Nigel used the opportunity to commend Sara and Dominic for conducting themselves with class at a time when other young celebs are getting into trouble. Dominic then used his final moments onstage to molest his one true love, Cat Deeley.

I was surprised and disappointed to see Sara go. Not only was she my favorite girl, but she’s shown more growth than the other remaining girls. Here’s hoping that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her.