Ox Notes: August 6, 2007

New York Magazine’s latest cover story is an expose on what happens to Project Runway and Top Chef contestants after the show is over. In the case of most of the Project Runway folks, not much, unless the designers were already somewhat successful. Some designers new to the business side of fashion, like Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll, have had a hard time capitalizing on their fame.

The piece is catches up with several of the designers from Project Runway, but provides few updates on the cast of Top Chef. The article also mentions a contract Bravo recently signed with a talent management firm to help contestants in their post-show transition. Hopefully, the magazine will revisit that relationship in years to come; I’m very curious (and hopeful, for the sake of the contestants) to see if it works.

In other reality show news, NBC has renewed Last Comic Standing and America’s Got Talent for next summer.

Presidential candidates are scheduling campaign stops on The Daily Show:
August 8 — Joe Biden
August 16 — John McCain
August 20 — Tommy Thompson
August 22 — Barack Obama

And beware of these 12 types of commercials. Although it’s okay to have a soft spot for Tiny House.