Ox Notes: August 8, 2007

According to spoilers for tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the pair of dancers many of us have been waiting to see perform together finally get their chance. Each couple will perform two dances, and all six of the dancers give a solo as well. Mercifully, the show is only scheduled to last one hour — more dancing, less filler!

Following up on the New York Magazine story about Bravo reality shows mentioned in Monday’s OxNotes, Jay McCarroll is going out of his way to prove that, contrary to what the magazine’s story said, he’s not homeless.Queer Eye’s Ted Allen had this to say about Jay: "He’s really kind of a jackass, whether he won Project Runway or not."

Here’s hoping that life after a reality show works out better for Age of Love’s Mark Philippoussis and Amanda Salinas, who reunited in Las Vegas on Monday to watch the show’s finale.

At this time next year, I will be watching some of the 3,600 hours of Olympic coverage NBC has planned.

Provided that NBC can work the Olympic coverage into their busy schedule of pedophile-trapping shows, of course. This Variety article questions the wisdom and ethics of the network’s creepy policy of exploiting parents’ fears for ratings.

I can’t think of any show that makes everyone involved look bad the way that To Catch a Predator does — not even The Real World (the Sydney season debuts tonight at 10 ET on MTV).