Ox Notes: August 22, 2007

Donald Trump isn’t the most reliable source for information, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise: Jeff Gordon’s spokesperson said that the race car driver hasn’t committed to being on Trump’s celebrity edition of The Apprentice. Now let’s see how many more people from the list I posted yesterday make similar announcements.

Cheryl Burke is looking forward to getting an "open-minded" partner for this season of Dancing with the Stars. And DwtS alum Willa Ford is looking forward to marrying Dallas Stars center Mike Modano on Saturday.

Two other DwtS alums, Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna, are the TV Guide Channel’s official hosts for all red carpet events, including the September 16 Emmy telecast.

Before the new season begins, the cast of Heroes is going on a world tour, with stops at fan events in Munich, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and Toronto.

Finally, Reality Blurred has been following accusations that the upcoming CBS show Kid Nation violated a number of child labor laws and put the kids in danger during filming. At least one girl suffered burns from a grease fire, while several other children mistakenly drank bleach.

What could be more damaging for the show are the child labor allegations. CBS reportedly chose to film in New Mexico, where laws governing child actors aren’t as specific as they are in California or New York. And when labor officials showed up on set to investigate, the investigators were turned away.

I’m curious as to whether someone could get a judge to block the show from going to air until it’s determined whether CBS violated child labor laws. But if child labor concerns aren’t enough to change Americans’ shopping habits (who do you think makes all that imported Chinese stuff sold at Wal-Mart?), I doubt the accusations against CBS will keep viewers from tuning in.

Update: CBS issued a statement today, blaming the mother of the girl who was burned for stirring up controversy and disputing the claims of the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions and the Attorney General’s office about the network’s contact with those offices. Even if the claims against CBS are unfounded, it’s crummy when a multimillion dollar corporation acts as if it’s being victimized by the mother of a young girl whose face was burned while she was in the care of CBS.