Ox Notes: September 4, 2007

Saturday was a big day for reality TV weddings. Dancing with the Stars’ Edyta Sliwinska & Alec Mazo were married in San Francisco, and the winner of the first season of The Apprentice, Bill Rancic, married E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi on the island of Capri.

Rather than allow reporters to ask Big Brother 8 contestants questions about Amber’s anti-Semitic remarks and Dick’s threats of violence against women after the contestants are voted off of the show, CBS has suspended all cast interviews until after the Big Brother 8 finale.

FOX is hoping to capitalize on the success of their own show, COPS, and NBC’s To Catch a Predator with a new reality show, Smile! You’re Under Arrest. The premise is that people with outstanding warrants are promised prizes, but when they show up to collect, the cops are waiting for them.

Before you let the show’s format raise certain ethical questions –like, why, if the TV producers have been able to find people with outstanding warrants, haven’t the police already nabbed the perps off camera? — FOX wants to put your concerns to rest. The criminals aren’t duped — they actually receive the prizes they were promised — and none of them are violent offenders. Further more, all of the participants signed releases to appear on camera, prompting the question: Why the hell would you want everyone to know that you’re a criminal?!

In other police-related news, I only have to wait three more months until The Wire — The Complete 4th Season is released on DVD. The set hits shelves on December 4, with a list price of $59.99.

And finally, a report from the fashion police: At Sean "Diddy" Combs’ annual White Party this weekend, wife of Billy Joel and original host of Top Chef Katie Lee Joel was turned away at the door when she tried to get in wearing cream instead of the requisite white. Tsk, tsk, Katie. I’m sure Padma would’ve followed the rules.