Ox Notes: September 6, 2007

The designers competing in Project Runway 4 will be revealed during tonight’s premiere of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style at 10 ET on Bravo. Last night’s special preview that followed Top Chef was actually the second episode of the new series — and based on that episode, Veronica Webb is the real star of the show.

Alleged comedian Sherri Shepherd is officially the newest panelist on The View, giving me a new reason not to watch the show (as if Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn’t enough).

The most watched network by 18-34 year olds last week was Univision, illustrating what a lackluster summer this has been for the major networks.

A contestant on Survivor South Africa became the first Survivor contestant anywhere to start a fire using only natural materials.

The Food Network has given Mario Batali the ax. We’ll miss you and your orange clogs, Mario.

And Anthony Bourdain posted on his blog about last night’s episode of Top Chef, offering qualified praise to both Howie and Hung. He also plugged his appearance on next week’s episode: "There will be a SlaughterFest of Horror, an Orgy of Bloodletting, Partial Nudity, Flammable Liquids, Unspeakable Misuse of Power Tools and Small Woodland Creatures, and the Plaintive Wailing of the Doomed. It will make Altamont look like Lilith Fair."