Ox Notes: September 19, 2007

If you’ve not heard the latest bit of controversy courtesy of The View, prepare to have your mind blown.

Yesterday, as the panelists discussed their religious views, it was brought up that born-again Christian Sherri Shepherd doesn’t believe in evolution. Okay, she’s wrong, but there are a lot of people who’ve fallen prey to that fundamentalist propaganda in this country — so at least she’s not alone.

Then, attempting to determine which scientific facts Shepherd believes and which she doesn’t, Whoopi Goldberg asked Shepherd if the world is round or flat.

Shepherd’s answer: "I don’t know."

The discussion of whether the earth is flat or not continued for several minutes, and despite plenty of opportunities, Shepherd never definitively stated whether she knew if the earth is round.

I watched the first segment of today’s episode to see if yesterday’s discussion was addressed, and it was. Shepherd said that she knows the world is round, and that she was just very nervous yesterday. Or, in her own eloquent words, her brain had a "senior, poopy moment."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck comforted Shepherd by saying that it’s "okay not to care if the world is round or flat."  Well, at least until Fox News tells you to care.

What confounds me about this situation is that, during yesterday’s discussion, the panelists with some modicum of intelligence — Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Barbara Walters — were so careful not to offend Shepherd that they never said, "Everyone knows the world is round, dummy. Next topic."  It amazes me even more that Walters has let Shepherd remain a part of the cast after displaying such stupidity and a complete lack of critical thinking skills.

Embracing diversity and allowing people to form their own conclusions does not mean tolerating willful ignorance. If the producers of The View are so concerned with not offending idiots that they’re willing to let indisputable facts (which haven’t been up for debate for hundreds of years!) be called into question, that’s their prerogative.

But the next time I watch The View or post anything about the it will be when Whoopi, Joy, or Barbara quit in protest, or when Sherri or Elisabeth is fired.

Watch the clip below for an abbreviated version of the discussion. It’s pretty amazing. And you can click here for the full seven-minute clip. It’s worth it just to watch Joy Behar’s pained looks.

Moving on to happier topics, like Dancing with the Stars… Albert Reed says he’s prepared for the inevitable rumors of a romance with his professional partner, Anna Trebunskaya, despite the fact that Anna is married to fellow DwtS pro Jonathan Roberts.

The New Zealand version of Dancing with the Stars has raised $1 million for charity in three years by collecting money when fans cast their votes. Makes you wonder how much money the US version could’ve raised in its four seasons if it had done the same.

The release of the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 DVD has been pushed back again, and won’t be released until spring. It’s almost like they’re daring us nerdy fans to download the episodes illegally.

Before I shove off to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, CBS has posted two more behind-the-scenes videos from the set of Survivor: China. Jeff Probst hosts the vids and shows the remote location of one of the challenges, as well as the efforts that went into creating and testing a challenge modeled after the Great Wall of China. Yarrr….