Ox Notes: September 21, 2007

Here are yet more interviews to help you get to know Dancing with the Stars contestants Jennie Garth and Jane Seymour. Fellow competitor Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s biggest supporter might be his boxing rival, Ricky Hatton, who hopes that a long run on DwtS will keep Floyd from focusing on his boxing training.

According to the ratings, this fall season is starting slow for the networks. Perhaps some shows will be boosted by iTunes, which is offering free downloads of certain FOX premieres. ABC hopes to boost its viewership by taking some of its shows to AOL.

Or perhaps viewers are just waiting for something really big to come along — like Celebrity Rehab on VH-1. The show will feature stars from other VH-1 celebreality shows, all of whom need some sort of professional help.

Turns out Charisma Carpenter won’t appear on Donald Trump’s celebrity edition of The Apprentice, after all. Maybe instead of using celebrities, Trump should just do an all-star edition. I’m sure all of the former contestants are available, since the show hasn’t exactly turned any of them into superstars.

The debut of Survivor: China helped CBS win Thursday night in a landslide. Jeff Probst talked about the new season in this Zap2It interview, and two more of his behind-the-scenes videos have been posted at YouTube. The first video looks at how the set for Tribal Council was built, and the second follows a day in the life of Jeff Probst — specifically, the Survivors’ 15th day in the jungle.