Ox Notes: September 25, 2007

TV Guide has a behind-the-scenes report from last night’s Dancing with the Stars premiere, and inside the ballroom, Sabrina Bryan was the evening’s clear winner. And the DwtS 5 premiere dominated last night’s ratings with 21.2 million viewers.

Also premiering last night were the reedited episodes of Discovery’s Man vs. Wild in which host Bear Grylls discloses which portions of the show were faked.

NBC is bringing The Biggest Loser back as a midseason replacement.

Chris Lowell — better known as Piz on Veronica Marsgave a charming interview to TV Guide about his new gig on ABC’s Private Practice.

Wired uses its vast amount of geek experience to critique this season’s geeky TV offerings, including shows like Chuck and The Big Bang Theory.

Finally, Variety’s Brian Lowry has an insightful editorial piece about the tribalism of TV audiences, and the lack of a common scripted series that everyone watches. These days, reality shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are the closest things we’ve got to universal hits.