Ox Notes: September 26, 2007

TV Guide’s backstage report from last night’s Dancing with the Stars Performance Show — which was watched by 18.34 million people — reveals that Monday night’s strong showing by the women sent many of the men scurrying back to the rehearsal studio for extra practice. It gave Mark Cuban time to perfect challenging moves like Churn the Butter and The Sprinkler.

Here’s an interview with Ashley DeForest, 23-year-old tap dancer from the Chicago suburbs who’ll be performing with Savion Glover during tonight’s DwtS Results Show.

Fox’s scripted reality show Nashville became the first show of the 2007-2008 season to be canceled, although it will return sometime later in October.

E! is adding to its own stable of scripted reality shows with Tales From the Hoff, a fictionalized version of David Hasselhoff’s life starring the man himself. As if laying on the floor shirtless while eating a cheeseburger isn’t entertaining enough.

NBC is planning to exploit a new Nielsen rule by reairing the premiere of Heroes on Saturday night with all of the same commercials that aired on Monday, allowing them to add their Saturday ratings to the Monday ratings and boost the premiere’s numbers. Nielsen needs to close that loophole before their ratings system loses even more credibility.

Mark Burnett would like to disabuse children of their belief that their dad is the best dad in the world by forcing fathers to compete against one another on an NBC game show called My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad.

And Katie Couric says that she was pressured by NBC not to ask politicians tough questions in the runup to the Iraq War. So, now that she’s the primary news anchor at another network, what’s she going to do? Pretty much the same thing she did at NBC: "Is it my job to go to Iraq and say this war is terrible and we should pull out? I don’t think that’s the case." You’re a real champion for truth, Katie.