Ox Notes: October 1, 2007

Ahead of tonight’s Dancing with the Stars Performance Show, Cheryl Burke posted a note at her website. Mark Cuban posted at his blog as well. If you’re not so keen on Mark, his cute story about cheering up his sick daughter might change your mind about him.

You’ve got one more day to bid on items from the Teen Choice Awards at charity website Clothes Off Our Backs.

Or, if you’ve got $419,000, you can buy a 30-second ad spot during Grey’s Anatomy.

ESPN viewers’ ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber has a cool job: she gets to watch ESPN and then write about what they did wrong at ESPN.com. If only every employer paid someone to do that. Here’s an archive of Schreiber’s monthly posts.

Finally, Chicago has Top Chef fever. Season 4 just started filming here, and local boy Dale will find out if he won Season 3 in a live broadcast from Chicago on Wednesday night. Metromix interviewed Dale — who currently waits tables at Sola — about his newfound celebrity, including an appearance in a dunk tank at a Chicago neighborhood festival.