DwtS 5, Week 4: Results

Mel B survived a scary trip to the Bottom Two, and Floyd went down for the count on this week’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show.

Len Goodman started the show with a warning: "No lifts from now on." Then he awarded the judges’ encore to Cameron & Edyta because it was a "breakthrough" performance for them.

After Gloria Estefan’s last minute withdrawal from the show to be with her sick mother, the producers had to scramble to find replacement performers. The DwtS house band and singers did a fine job performing Estefan’s "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," and DwtS pros Tony Dovolani, Elena Grinenko, Anna Trebunskaya, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy danced.

Following the performance, last night’s studio audience offered their opinions on the lift controversy. One female audience member suggested, "Someone didn’t get romance last night, and that was Carrie Ann." Former DwtS pro Ashly Del Grosso had floorside seats, and she agreed with Carrie Ann’s judgment: "I did see a lot of those lifts, and that is in the rules that you can’t do it."

Then the first two safe couples were announced: Sabrina & Mark and Cameron & Edyta. They’ll be around to watch next week’s special Results Show musical guest, Jennifer Lopez.

In a rare, slightly humorous Jimmy Kimmel segment, he and his parking lot attendant Guillermo looked into the dancers’ habit of spray tanning. As Melanie Brown walked out of the tanning room, Guillermo muttered, "Wow, she’s really tan." The several quizzical looks Mel gave in response made the scene work.

After that, Wade Robson took the floor for the best performance of the evening. Wade served as ringmaster in a creepy circus. The routine was very cool, and it was neat to see Wade doing all of the wacky moves he usually makes the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance do.

That dynamic routine was followed by the other fill-in performance of the evening. Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke gave a lovely dance to Wayne Newton’s "Danke Schoen." If I hadn’t read the news about Gloria Estefan, I wouldn’t have known this week’s performances had been arranged at the last minute.

In a video package, Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer, Reverend Run and Russell Simmons, and Joan and Melissa Rivers offered their opinions on what makes a good partnership. According to everyone, trust is always a key.

Then, Mark & Kym were announced as safe, while Floyd & Karina became the first couple sent to the Bottom Two.

Before the fates of the remaining couples were revealed, the celebrities discussed their greatest fears in a video clip package. Marie described the difference between singing and dancing onstage: "I know how to fix it if I make a mistake when I sing. I don’t know how to do that with my feet."

Cameron’s constantly afraid of dropping Edyta, and Sabrina worries about tripping down the stairs when they’re introduced. Jennie says falling was her biggest fear, but she learned from her fall in Week 3 that "even if my worst fear came true, I could move forward."

Jennie & Derek and Helio & Julianne were then told they were safe, leaving Marie & Jonathan, Mel & Maks, and Jane & Tony to worry a bit longer. Ultimately, Mel & Maks were told that they’d landed in the Bottom Two with Floyd.

The judges were stunned by the results. Bruno gave a candid answer when asked who should stay and who should go: "Melanie is the best dancer. There’s no question. C’mon, people. It’s insane."

Floyd & Karina were told to hit the bricks, and Floyd thanked all of his fans and everyone behind the scenes at DwtS. Karina said she enjoyed working with Floyd: "I got to know the real you."

The couple danced their last dance to Supertramp’s "Take the Long Way Home."