Ox Notes: October 29, 2007

Here are the dances you can expect to see on tonight’s episode of Dancing with the Stars: Jennie’s Mambo, Marie’s Paso Doble, Mel’s Rumba, Sabrina’s Fox Trot, Helio’s Cha Cha, Cameron’s Samba, and Jane’s Jive.

Jane, who insists she’s "so over" Carrie Ann pointing out her illegal lift two weeks ago, worked a dig at the judge into tonight’s group Rock N’ Roll routine: "I decided, especially after the incident with Carrie Ann, I wanted to lift higher than anyone else." Time to let it go, Jane.

Former DwtS contestant Joey Fatone will be dressed at Dracula when Ray Parker Jr. stops by The Singing Bee on Tuesday night to perform his Ghostbusters theme song. And OxPal Imee pointed out an E! poll where you can vote on who’s wearing the better dress, Cheryl Burke or Stacy Keibler.

TV Squad has a list of its 10 All-Time Scariest TV Characters. I find the organ-harvesting Vidiians on Star Trek: Voyager particularly terrifying, although the opening theme music from The Twilight Zone was enough to send me running when I was a kid.

Brian Lowry from Variety wrote about the difficulty of writing about TV without spoiling the plot for readers in the age of DVR. Avoiding spoilers is especially challenging for viewers like me who don’t like to watch episodes on the computer and have to wait forever for shows to be released on DVD (I’m looking at you, Battlestar Galactica and The Wire).