DwtS 5, Week 6: Results

On the most shocking Results Show ever, one of the best dancers was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

At the start of the show, Tom Bergeron announced that Jane had contracted food poisoning 15 minutes before the show went live. So when the judges announced that they wanted to see an encore of the Group Rock N’ Roll dance, Tony had to dance without a partner. But he was a good sport about it.

Then the evening’s musical guest, Barry Manilow, sang "They Danced" as Cheryl Burke and Louis van Amstel took to the floor. Cheryl & Louis looked great together, and kudos to Barry for being secure enough in his celebrity to let the camera linger on the dancers, and not him.

The performance was followed by reactions from last night’s studio audience, which was surprisingly devoid of celebrities. One member summed up the audience’s feelings about Jane’s and Marie’s performances: "Your dances are dull and you’re out the door."

Then it was time to announce the first two safe couples of the night. Mel & Maks were given the good news first and, to Tony’s surprise, Jane & Tony were also announced as safe. Since Jane wasn’t available, Tony had to hug Maks.

With January right around the corner, ABC decided it had better act quickly to hype Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. A group of dancers performed a routine that exemplified the type of choreography that will be featured on Dance War. The style was more contemporary and hip-hop influenced than anything on DwtS, and the performance was pretty cool.

Len sat quietly in the middle As Carrie Ann and Bruno taunted each other. Tom jokingly encouraged the audience to watch for promos for Len’s new show, "It’s Only Len."

Then Barry Manilow was back to perform his hit, "Mandy," accompanied by a lovely performance by Jonathan & Anna. (Video below contains both the Dance War performance and "Mandy").

The performance was followed by footage of the celebrities asking the judges questions. Jane asked Carrie Ann, "Can you explain to us what exactly constitutes a lift, because Edyta seems to be flying all over the place?"

Carrie Ann stated that she took a point off of Cameron & Edyta’s scores on two occasions when she caught them doing a lift. She explained the rule again — two feet off the ground in a move that couldn’t be done without the assistance of a partner — and hopefully that will put an end to the lift controversy.

Len had some words of encouragement for his fellow Brit, Mel B: "We know one thing about the Americans: they believe in truth and justice. The truth is you’re a great dancer. And justice will not be served unless you make it all the way."

Another video segment focused on the congenial relationships between all of the couples. In what could’ve been foreshadowing, Sabrina talked about what Cameron says to tease her when she looks nervous backstage at Results Shows: "You really should be nervous… [whispers] because you’re going home tonight."

Then Tom told Helio & Julianne that they were safe. Samantha dramatically paused before telling Marie & Jonathan they’d have to wait until after the commercial to learn their fate. Tom protested, "That’s NASTY! That’s nasty."

After the commercial break, Cameron & Edyta were told they were in the Bottom Two. Jennie & Derek were safe, and so were Marie & Jonathan.

That left Sabrina & Mark in the Bottom Two, looking confused, scared, and sad.

The judges were all stunned. Len said, "There have been some bizarre things that have happened, but this takes the biscuit. This girl should be in the Finals! They are absolutely fantastic dancers." Bruno said that the viewers’ votes were "madness! It’s total madness! Sabrina: the most consistent. Cameron: the most improved. You’ve got to vote. Nobody’s safe."

As the couples waited, Cameron & Edyta looked stoic, while Sabrina & Mark looked positively miserable. Finally, Sabrina & Mark were told that they were out. Boos erupted from the audience, and Carrie Ann started to cry.

Tom said, "I don’t usually tip my hand here: I had you so pegged for the finale." Sabrina kept her composure and said DwtS was an "amazing opportunity" that helped her to grow as a performer. She turned to Mark and said, "Thank you so much, baby." Mark told her, "I had a great time being your partner. I love you."

Tom said, "This feels weird to say this, but head on out there for your last dance." As the couple made their way onto the floor, Tom repeated, "We are all shocked here."

Barry Manilow serenaded Sabrina & Mark with "My Eyes Adored You." As they swayed, Sabrina could be seen mouthing, "I’m sorry," to Mark, who kissed her forehead.

Sabrina, you’ve got nothing to be sorry about.