TAR 12: Episode 5

Blonde buddies Shana & Jennifer had a falling out that caused their team to fall apart on the fifth leg of The Amazing Race 12.

Teams made their way from Burkina Faso to Lithuania, via Paris and one of three other European cities. A fickle travel agent told Nick & Don that the earliest flight was closed, and then booked Nathan & Jennifer on that same flight, once the grandpa and grandson left. Perhaps Don should’ve done more research on flights at the "Internet buffet" he’d visited before heading to the ticket counter.

All of the teams arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania within an hour of each other. Any advantage held by the earliest teams evened out as almost everyone had trouble driving through the confusing streets of the city, which dates back to the medieval period.

At one point, Jennifer attempted to turn her team’s vehicle around by backing out into the street in front of an oncoming bus, much to backseat passenger Shana’s horror. The near miss only exacerbated the tension between the pair, who were still feuding over Shana’s decision to use the U-Turn on the Jason & Lorena during the last leg.

A "good listener" from each team participated in a Roadblock that required them to remember verbal instructions given to them by several local people. Nick & Don, who’d arrived at the clue box in front of St. Anne’s Church first, lost ground as Nick futilely asked women for the location of an apparently unpopular hair salon.

Dreadlocked hippie TK got some help from a Lithuanian counterpart, who’d presumably just finished up a game of hacky sack on the quad at Vilnius University. The assist helped TK & Rachel complete the task in second place, behind goths Kynt & Vyxsin (who’ve quietly been doing a great job throughout the Race).

Teams then drove to the Open Air Museum of Lithuania for their Detour, where they chose between counting pickets in a fence or walking on stilts. The tasks were difficult because they had to be completed while surrounded by costumed revelers enjoying a traditional midsummer festival. The locals delighted in bugging the racers as they tried to concentrate.

Kynt & Vxysin failed to master the stilts and moved on the counting pickets. TK & Rachel, the second team to arrive at the museum, had an easier time with the stilts. They finished just minutes before the goths, and won a trip to Japan for finishing in first place.

Ronald and Christina, despite having landed last in Lithuania, finished in third place. And Azaria & Hendekea placed fourth.

Nathan & Jennifer had been nearly as contentious as the blondes all day, and the couple’s problems boiled over as they tried to count pickets. Jennifer kept screwing up her count — "88, 89, 100" — and then interrupted Nate yelling hints like, "Don’t let anyone distract you!" as he tried to count.

Finally, when Jennifer interrupted Nate because she felt he was counting too slowly, he retorted, "Bitch. What are you doing?" They both got fed up with the task and moved on to the stilts, where Jennifer had a brief meltdown that seemed more directed at Nate than the stilts.

The dating couple finished in fifth place, followed by Nick & Don and, finally, Shana & Jennifer. The blondes were eliminated, though hopefully their friendship was saved as a result.

Next week, Azaria loses his patience with Hendekea, and Nathan & Jennifer have another meltdown, this time in a boat.