Ox Notes: December 13, 2007

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today, as were the Writers Guild Award nominees for television. I think Transformers may be the only non-Bollywood film I’ve see this year, and it didn’t get nominated for anything. I would’ve liked to see a Best Actor list that read: "George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Optimus Prime…"

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Writers Guild strike could save the networks money if they abandon the traditional pilot season and adopt the year-round development plan that cable networks use.

Thanks to her drama-filled tenure on Dancing with the Stars, Marie Osmond will get her own talk show in 2008. Her dolls will cohost.

TV Guide has Jeff Probst’s assessment of the remaining contestants’ chances of winning Survivor: China’s $1 million prize at Sunday night’s finale. And the most recent Survivor eliminated, Erik, told TV Guide that while he was starving in the Chinese wilderness, he kept thinking of "Oreos crumbled on peanut butter with chocolate syrup and Nutella with a cherry on top."

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural, which happens to be the last new episode of 2007 (same goes for tonight’s Smallville), is a "very gory" Christmas special.

MOIB reader TortoiseHill posted in the comments thread of Monday’s Ox Notes about the experience of attending a live taping of the new American Gladiators. The LAist features another account of a live Gladiators taping, and the author of this post was so frustrated that he walked out of the taping after 90 minutes.

If any of you are like me, you just realized that you haven’t purchased Christmas presents for anyone yet. This is probably a good time to visit TVShowsOnDVD.com to see what nostalgic bits of TV gold have been released on DVD. The first season of The Fall Guy for my dad? Check. But it looks as if my brother will have to go another year without Manimal.