Ox Notes: January 2, 2008

While some of us took a break for the holidays, the Dancing with the Stars Tour rolled on. TV Guide has two interviews from the road, with Monique Coleman & Alec Mazo and Cheryl Burke & Wayne Newton.

You can catch a rare glimpse of DwtS 1 pro Charlotte Jorgensen in Manila at the inaugural Philippine Star Ball on February 16, where she’ll serve as a judge.

Reality Blurred compiled a seemingly official list of all-star cast members from the forthcoming Survivor: Micronesia. The site also found snippets from some New York City ads for a new reality show based on Gossip Girl. The new show is seeking teens to star.

David Letterman and Craig Ferguson return to TV tonight, with the assistance of their writing staffs. Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel are also back tonight with new episodes, sans writers and possibly without any big celebrity guests.

Another show returning to TV in the near future is High School Reunion, only this time the contestants will reunite after 20 years, instead of ten. I’m not sure if watching a bunch of near-40 year olds get drunk and make fools of themselves will make this season of HSR any more or less palatable than seeing the same behavior from the near-30s of the first three seasons.

MSN features a slideshow of upcoming shows in 2008. And, with a plethora of "Best TV Shows of 2007" lists from which to choose, I’m taking the buttkissing approach and linking to the one written by Wendy Fox Weber, one of my editors at the Naperville Sun.

Finally, MTV has renewed A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, which must mean that things didn’t work out between her and the winner of the first season. Perhaps the network wanted to capitalize on the buzz generated by Tila being named The Soup’s Entertainer of the Year: