Dance War Premiere

Dance War may be good when the competition actually starts, but I’m not sure if viewers will stick around to find out.

The premiere focused solely on the audition process, and the fourteen finalists were revealed at the end of the episode. But it wasn’t announced which team the singer-dancers were on, so the "Bruno vs. Carrie Ann" aspect of the show played no part in the first episode.

Further, host Drew Lachey never explained how performers would be eliminated in the coming weeks, or how a winning team would be decided. Unless you fell in love with one of the contestants — which I didn’t — there isn’t much incentive to keep watching.

But the show’s biggest turn off was the singing. Most of the contestants were dancers first, singers second, so large portions of the episode were like the worst moments of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance combined. I kept my TV muted for much of the two-hour long program.

Dance War would’ve been better had they gotten right to the war. By spending the whole premiere on the tryouts, and not even revealing Bruno’s and Carrie Ann’s teams, the show lost me before it even got started.