Ox Notes: January 14, 2008

The Golden Globe Award winners were announced last night, and it sounds as though the press conference-style announcement was pretty painful to watch.

David Duchovny, who won for his role in Californication, was happy that he got to learn about his award while taking a bath.

Even though the nominees missed out on dinner and a party, the traditional "gifting suites" were open last week so that the stars could get free $1000 haircuts and $17,000 bracelets. Some of the suites took donations on behalf of the striking writers, which prompts the question: why not just give the free stuff to the writers?

With no end to the strike in sight, ABC Studios canned 25% of its producers.

Also prompted by the strike, NBC has picked up American Gladiators for a second season. And CBS has plans for three new reality series, all of which sound unwatchable.

Masterpiece Theater is highlighting the works of Jane Austen for the next few months, and Zap2It has the program schedule. You can find your local listings at PBS.org.

As I was watching PBS on Saturday, I caught a commercial for America’s Ballroom Challenge, which returns for a new season on January 30. There’s no information about ABC Season 3 at PBS’s website yet, but the ad revealed this season’s new host (Marilu Henner was busy filming Celebrity Apprentice when ABC taped). And that host is…Jasmine Guy?!