Ox Notes: January 18, 2008

PBS.org has updated its America’s Ballroom Challenge page to feature information about the upcoming third season. The site has pictures of the couples competing in the first episode, as well as pics of the exhibition dancers. I’m a little creeped out by the kids in pirate costumes.

Pictures from the set of Survivor: Micronesia have also hit the Internet, and they are mercifully free of spoilers.

Along with America’s Ballroom Challenge and Survivor, there are a number of new shows debuting in the next few weeks. MSN has a rundown of scripted shows ready to air.

With the studios settling on new contract terms with the Directors Guild of America, could a new contract for writers be coming soon?

In case the writers strike persists, NBC has decided to borrow Nashville Star from the USA Network for a summer run. Last season’s hosts and judges won’t be making the journey, however.

Also in the works for the summer are several circus-themed celebrity competitions. This may not be such a good idea given that, in a recent survey in England, 100% of the kids interviewed said that they hate clowns.

When Knight Rider returns to the airwaves, K.I.T.T. won’t be a Trans Am. I just can’t get as excited about K.I.T.T. as a 2008 Mustang.

Sunday night is the finale of The Amazing Race 12, so here’s one last interview with 4th place finishers Nate & Jen. TV Guide called in TAR 5 star Mirna to assess each team’s chances, and she’s picking the hippie couple to win. I’m hoping Ron & Christina keep playing smart and pull off a upset victory.