Ox Notes: January 22, 2008

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, former WWE wrestler and current VH-1 celeb-reality denizen Chyna says she’s hoping to land a spot on Dancing with the Stars 6.

As the DwtS Tour rolls on, Kym Johnson and Monique Coleman gave interviews from the road.

I watched the first few minutes of Dance War last night, and it was a little too reminiscent of a stage show at an amusement park for my taste. Is anyone still watching the show, and if so, what’s got you hooked?

Discussions between the WGA and the studios resumed today. Let’s hope the two groups can come to an agreement and end the strike before The World’s Strongest Celebrity becomes a reality.

There are already enough tough guys and gals on TV, now that American Gladiators has expanded its season finale to two hours. A brave TV Guide reporter attempted the Pyramid and the Joust, and wound up battered and bruised in the name of journalism.

NBC VP Craig Plestis talked with Zap2It about the challenges of adapting British reality show Top Gear for American audiences.

Another import that’s being reworked for America, Australia’s Kath and Kim, has cast Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as its leads.

I can’t help but wonder if networks underestimate the intelligence of their viewers when they insist on making American versions of shows from other English-speaking countries. Why not just air the original shows? Are British and Aussie accents really that hard to understand?

And so what if a few every pop culture or political references don’t translate? Funny is funny.

American shows have been exported for decades, and foreign audiences have enjoyed them in their original formats. It’s about time American audiences got the opportunity to watch something more current than reruns of Are You Being Served? on PBS.