Ox Notes: January 24, 2008

When it came time to watch The Moment of Truth last night, I balked and couldn’t bring myself to tune in for even a minute. Matt Roush’s review of the show, which he described as "blood-curdling and soul-numbing," confirmed that I made the right choice. Did any of you watch the show, and do you agree with Roush?

TV Guide has an interview with Sabrina Bryan, who just finished her stint on the Dancing with the Stars Tour and is preparing for a 10-week trip to India to film a Cheetah Girls movie. I was glad to learn that she follows the most important MOIB Travel Rule: always bring peanut butter.

The results of a study leaked to Variety estimate that, if the writers strike lasts for another 2-3 months, the direct monetary losses to the entertainment industry could top $3 billion. In production centers like L.A., New York, and Vancouver, the losses would feel more like $8.4 billion when the losses of associated companies (caterers, drivers) are factored in.

NBC says that, while it won’t cancel any of its current pilot orders, this is the last year that they will produce more than one or two pilots. In the future, the network plans on only picking scripts that they are sure can go straight to series.

Fringe, the pilot J.J. Abrams is developing for Fox, has added The Wire’s Lance Reddick to its cast, which already includes John Noble, also known as Denethor from The Lord of the Rings.

My dad will be happy to learn that CBS is adding six special episodes of The Price Is Right to its primetime schedule, starting February 22. The guy is nuts for Plinko.

Bravo released the list of contestants for Top Chef 4, which includes another Dale from Chicago. The new season premieres on March 12.

This week, Jillian, Sweet P, and Ricky answered questions for Bravo’s Project Runway Burning Questions blog.

I agree with Tim Gunn’s opinion that the judges made a bad decision last night in awarding the win to Ricky. Christian’s jeans were pretty fierce. But, as Greg said while we were watching it, they picked the outfit that would be easiest to sell through the Levi’s website. What did you think?