Ox Notes: January 30, 2008

The third season of America’s Ballroom Challenge premieres tonight. Check PBS’s website for your local listings.

Dancing with the Stars 6 premieres in less than two months, so the latest cast rumors are right on schedule. Buddy TV mentions some magazine articles that list Cheryl Ladd, Monica Seles, and Kristy McNichol as possible contestants. And E!’s Planet Gossip reports that Elvis’s widow, Priscilla Presley, is close to signing on for the show.

DwtS 5 contender Marie Osmond will debut a daily talk show, appropriately titled Marie, in fall 2009.

Variety has some of the first statistical evidence of the negative effect the writers strike is having on TV viewership.

The renewal of The Celebrity Apprentice for a second season might also be a result of the strike, or possibly a sign of the apocalypse.

Ratings for the Miss America pageant jumped 52% after the contest jumped from CMT to TLC this year.

I missed CW’s Gossip Girl Revealed special on Monday, but People recapped the bonus footage added to the series pilot. Serena’s wardrobe is based on Kate Moss, but, no, Blake Lively doesn’t get to keep the clothes.

On the topic of fashion, tonight’s episode of Project Runway is a rerun. People interviewed Victorya, who confessed that she wasn’t thrilled by the blue jean challenge that led to her ouster.

The producers of Project Runway have teamed with Sarah Jessica Parker to create a PR-style show for aspiring artists.

MSN has an interview with the winners of The Amazing Race, TK & Rachel.

With a TV series based on the movie Crash headed to the Starz cable channel, Variety’s Brian Lowry offered his own sardonic suggestions for series based on this year’s Oscar nominees. Here’s Lowry’s vision of Juno, the TV show: "Seventeen-year-old Juno is still getting back to normal after giving her unplanned baby up for adoption when — yikes — she gets pregnant again."