Ox Notes: February 7, 2008

TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello recently dropped by the Dancing with the Stars Tour, and he interviewed the pros for his vodcast. He also broke the news that Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence are no longer dating.

DwtS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy is scheduled to make a guest appearance on All My Children on February 26.

Ahead of tonight’s debut of Survivor: Micronesia, Jeff Probst revealed that the cast spent most of the season battered by storms. CBS also announced that they’ve expanded their Survivor branding to a line of sunflower seeds and a "Survivor Fitness Program," in which participants compete in challenges seen on the show. I’m glad the Fitness Program is debuting in Chicago this spring, because it sounds like fun.

Also, in advance of tonight’s new episodes of Smallville and Supernatural, TV Guide has an interview with a superhero making his return to Smallville, and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke answers fans’ questions.

With only 18 days until the Oscars, organizers still don’t know if any of the stars will actually show up.

Due to a contractual conflict, Val Kilmer has replaced Will Arnett as the voice of K.I.T.T. in the Knight Rider TV movie. Arnett voices commercials for GMC Trucks, and K.I.T.T. is a Ford Mustang.

The Project Runway 4 finalists, whomever they may be, are scheduled to debut their collections this Friday as part of Fashion Week. Ousted Season 4 contestants Victorya and Elisa presented their own collections earlier this week.

Bravo’s Project Runway blogs are unexpectedly candid this week. Tim Gunn provided his usual astute observations about last night’s designs, but Michael Kors let loose on Ricky for being a cry baby. Christian even called Ricky a liar.

Ricky, Sweet P, and Christian all contributed the Burning Questions Blog, and all of them sounded as though they thought the wrestling challenge was beneath them. While Christian thinks that most challenges are beneath him, Sweet P and Ricky sound like they’re making excuses. They need only look at the outfits made by Chris, Christian, and Jillian to see how precise execution of a good concept can make any outfit look chic.