Ox Notes: February 21, 2008

ABC announced its spring plans, which include five new episodes of Lost, debuting on April 24.

Variety reports that the networks are eager to get hit programs back on the air, as new scripted shows haven’t performed well recently.

Critical darling Friday Night Lights is on the chopping block again, but NBC is working with other networks and cable outlets to share broadcast rights for a possible third season of the show.

CBS plans to trivialize divorce with a new game show called Splitsville, in which divorcing spouses compete against one another to win pieces of their communal property.

Survivor: Micronesia’s most recent castaway, Mary, spoke with People and TV Guide about the tribe of Fans and her romance with Ryan from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

If you didn’t catch the special Dancing with the Stars episode of Oprah this morning, you didn’t miss much. All of the former champs, except Apolo, performed with their partners, and Derek Hough taught a housewife who looked like Jennie Garth how to dance like Jennie Garth.

The Season 6 cast came out for the last ten minutes of the show, and Oprah only spoke with Priscilla Presley, Kristi Yamaguchi, Marlee Matlin, Penn Jillette, Jason Taylor, Mario, and Steve Guttenberg.

The highlight of the brief Q & A period was Steve Guttenberg feigning surprise that he’d be expected to dance, saying that ABC told him he’d signed on for The Bachelor.

People has a clip from the episode, as well as an interview with Marlee Matlin, in which she says essentially the same stuff she said on Oprah.

Priscilla Presley is understandably garnering more media attention than the other cast members at this point. But, based on the brief interviews she’s given this week on Oprah and Good Morning America, I’m not sure that’s going to last. She’s been soft-spoken and boring, and that doesn’t work in the short-answer style of interviewing that most shows employ.

Priscilla’s going to have to get enthusiastic and funny real fast if she expects DwtS viewers to vote for her for reasons other than nostalgia. Those qualities might even be more important than her dancing.