Ox Notes: February 25, 2008

Three weeks to go until the premiere of Dancing with the Stars 6, and Monica Seles sounds a little nervous: "I’m a tennis player. I don’t know a tango from a mango."

Just as I feared, there’s a good chance that Penn Jillette’s routines with Kym Johnson may include magic tricks.

On the other hand, I couldn’t be more excited about one of this season’s Results Show performers: Def Leppard!

If you’d like to own a bit of DwtS memorabilia, designer Randall Christensen has the ladies’ dresses he created for seasons 2, 3, and 4 available for purchase at his website. Just be prepared to shell out about $3000 per dress.

The Futon Critic has a handy list of all of TV development news from last week, including Jesse L. Martin’s departure from Law & Order.

As if the houseguests’ penchant for offensive comments wasn’t enough reason to detest Big Brother, the producers just added a new reason. When hypoglycemic contestant Amanda knocked on the production crew’s door to report feeling sick after being forced to eat nothing but gruel for a week, producers ignored her. She eventually had a seizure, and it was up to a fellow contestant to press an emergency button to summon paramedics. The cameras, of course, continued broadcasting live on the Internet.

A few weeks ago, Sarah Silverman debuted a video on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which she confessed to boyfriend Kimmel, in song form, that she’s been "f**king Matt Damon" behind his back. If you haven’t seen the hilarious video, it’s available here.

Last night, as a part of his post-Oscar special, Kimmel debuted his own retaliatory video. The absurdity of the video is heightened by the fact that tons of A-list celebrities were in on it. The language is censored, but the video’s content may make it unsafe for work. Enjoy.