Ox Notes: April 8, 2008

One of my favorite things about this season of Dancing with the Stars is Yahoo’s Buzz Session with Diane Mizota & Joey Lawrence. This week, Diane & Joey make fun of Carrie Ann Inaba for crying, and call out the judges for inconsistent scoring. It’s refreshing to see a former contestant who’s willing to speak his mind, without worrying about offending his old castmates or the producers.

Joey also noted that the judges aren’t rewarding Adam Carolla for his improved dancing the way they are other celebrities. Julianne Hough agrees, and she told Extra she’s "pissed" about it.

While the painful neck injury suffered by Julianne’s brother, Derek, has gotten all the attention, Kristi Yamaguchi told TV Guide that she’s been dancing on a swollen ankle since Saturday.

Mel B filed another slightly unprofessional but totally amusing post-show interview video for Access Hollywood. Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, which I’m convinced are actually the same show, have post-show interview videos as well, both titled "The Dancers Celebrate Their 10s."

In other reality competition news, Project Runway will move to Lifetime after next season, in part because the show’s producers were tired of Bravo ripping off PR‘s successful format. Bravo’s parent company, NBC Universal, has filed suit to stop the move.

Today, the WGA resumes its efforts to unionize reality show writers by staging a press conference highlighting lawsuits against reality show producers over unpaid overtime.

Delays due to the writers strike forced HBO to move some of its show premieres to fall, instead of debuting new seasons this summer. And Fox has updated plans for its summer schedule.