DwtS 6, Week 5: Results

The night’s big surprise wasn’t which couple was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, but which couple joined them in the Bottom Two.

During a recap of last night’s Performance show, confessional footage showed Shannon Elizabeth and Marlee Matlin reduced to tears by the judges’ comments.

After an encore performance by Kristi & Mark Ballas, Samantha Harris caught up with Shannon and Marlee backstage. When asked if she thought she did her best, Shannon said that, under the circumstances, "I kind of feel like I did."

Samantha asked Marlee, "How frustrating would it be for you if you were to be sent home tonight?"

Marlee jokingly responded, "I’m gonna strangle you if I leave," but then amended her plan to, "No, maybe Tom instead."

Before he introduced the next segment, Tom Bergeron scolded the studio audience: "Marlee Matlin: she threatens murder, and you applaud her."

Then it was time for Ozomatli to give one of the best guest performances in show history, accompanied by DwtS pros Fabian Sanchez, Kym Johnson, Louis van Amstel, Karina Smirnoff, Derek Hough, Edyta Sliwinska, Jonathan Roberts, and Anna Trebunskaya. Show producers should hire Ozomatli to perform all of the music for Latin Night, next season.

Following the performance, Tom announced the first results of the evening. Kristi & Mark were safe, and Cristian de la Fuente & Cheryl Burke found themselves in the Bottom Two — left to consider their fate for the next 40 minutes.

It was then time for the season’s new ballroom kids competition. Dmitriy & Michelle danced a nifty Jive, but the judges chose Jaryd & Cara (whom Bruno called "the cutest little gremlins") and their Cha Cha Cha to return to dance again, later in the season.

A video package showed some of the preparations the stars go through on Performance Show day. The women spend hours getting their hair and makeup done, while the men play football in the parking lot. Tony tries to keep his partner, Marissa, loose by harassing her, and Derek sings to Shannon.

Jason & Edyta were the next couple to learn that they were safe. Then, James Blunt sang his new single, "Carry You Home." Champion cabaret dancers Eric Luna & Georgia Ambarian performed as Blunt sang.

After the last performance of the night, Samantha asked a stunned Cristian what he was thinking as he waited to learn if he’d danced his last routine. Cristian replied, "It feels bad."

With time running short, Mario & Karina, Marissa & Tony, Shannon & Derek, and Marlee & Fabian learned they were safe. That meant Priscilla & Louis were back in the Bottom Two for the second week in a row. Appropriately, they were eliminated.

As Priscilla said her farewells, the credits rolled. She had to take some of her precious seconds to clarify that she doesn’t really run a psychic hotline, as suggested in a DwtS April Fool’s Day bit.

The show ended before Priscilla & Louis could take the floor for their last dance, and before it was even possible to determine what cruel exit song they’d dance to. "Heartbreak Hotel," perhaps?