Ox Notes: April 29, 2008

Cristian de la Fuente’s injury might be more serious than viewers were led to believe on last night’s Dancing with the Stars Performance Show. Cheryl Burke told TV Guide that, when Cristian caught her during a move early in their routine, she heard something pop. Assuming that sound came from Cristian’s arm, then the injury is certainly worse than a cramp.

In the video of the performance, Cristian catches Cheryl about 30 seconds into their routine. After that, you’ll see his arm gradually lose mobility, and by the time they’re through the Samba rolls, his left arm is basically hanging by his side.

Ever the compassionate celebrity gossip show, Entertainment Tonight tried to interview Cristian as he was being wheeled to an ambulance on a stretcher.

Lest you think all of last night’s post-show coverage was somber and free of snark, Joey Lawrence & Diane Mizota giggled about how poorly Cristian & Cheryl’s Samba was going before the injury in the Yahoo! Buzz Session. And, on behalf of Access Hollywood, Mel B asked the other couples if they thought Cristian was faking it in order to get sympathy votes.

Kristi Yamaguchi respectfully addressed the negative criticism she and Mark Ballas got from Len Goodman last night in a blog post.

E!’s Marc Malkin is still trying to find evidence of an off-camera romance between Shannon Elizabeth & Derek Hough, and he’s not having much luck.

In other TV news, my hopes of Hilary Duff joining the cast of the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off have been dashed.

The current season of Beauty and the Geek is probably the series’ last.

In August, vanished network The WB will be revived online. The site will feature new content, as well as stream episodes of old favorites like Friends and Gilmore Girls.