DwtS 6, Week 8: Results

After the latest DwtS 6 elimination, we’ve got an even split of male and female celebrities in the semifinals.

The night started with a Judges’ All-Time Favorite Dances Special. The ten dances featured were:

10. Kelly & Alec — Freestyle
9. Sabrina & Mark — Paso Doble
8. Emmitt & Cheryl — Cha Cha Cha
7. Apolo & Julianne — Quickstep
6. Joey & Kym — Jive
5. Helio & Julianne — Quickstep
4. Drew & Cheryl — Freestyle
3. Stacy & Tony — Samba
2. Mel B & Maksim — Paso Doble
1. Mario & Karina — 2nd Tango

The official 100th Episode special edition of the Results Show kicked off with a dance by twelve of the professional dancers, past and present, including Fabian, Louis, Maks, Alec, Jonathan, Derek, Cheryl, Kym, Elena, Ashly, Karina, and Anna. The highlight of the performance was Karina’s leap over Jonathan’s head and into Maks’ arms.

The dance was followed by the first performance of the night by musical guests Rascal Flatts. Season 4 champs Apolo & Julianne danced a lengthy new routine with lots of lifts, and Apolo did pretty well for a guy who hasn’t danced on TV in a year.

Following that performance, Tom gave some of the former cast members in the audience — including Stacy Keibler, Lisa Rinna, Jerry Springer, Vivica A. Fox, Joey Fatone, Kenny Mayne, and Sabrina Bryan — a chance to plug their current projects.

Then it was time for a much-hyped performance by Mario Lopez and cast members from Broadway’s A Chorus Line. It was fine, assuming you’re a fan of A Chorus Line.

Rascal Flatts returned to the stage, this time accompanied by Mel B & Maks. Their new routine included Mel’s "walking splits" move from Season 5.

Samantha caught up with the past champions in attendance to find out what they thought of the current crop of contestants. Kelly said she was rooting for Kristi to win, Apolo was torn between Kristi and Jason, and Drew said he was rooting for Cristian.

A pretaped segment featured the current season’s stars talking about which stars from past seasons they try to emulate. Kristi is inspired by Joey Fatone, Marissa by Mel B, Mario by Mario Lopez, Jason by Emmitt, and Cristian by Helio.

At long last it was time to find out which couples were safe. First, Marissa & Tony and Kristi & Mark were told they were moving on to next week. Then, after a break, Cristian & Cheryl were announced safe.

That left Jason & Edyta and Mario & Karina awaiting their fate, although they didn’t necessarily constitute the two lowest scoring couples.

Mario & Karina were told their time had come, and they didn’t look surprised. In fact, Karina was upbeat enough to show off some disco moves, as the band played their exit song: Gloria Gaynor’s "I Will Survive."