Ox Notes: May 14, 2008

The worst thing about Dancing with the Stars 6 wrapping next week is that Tom Bergeron will only be on TV one night a week, hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos. This excerpt from TV Guide’s Backstage Report shows why Tom is the best:

He also makes himself accessible to [former] dancers, like Mel B., who made a habit of goosing him after every dance last season. As she tries to distract him from this interview, he calls out to her. "Don’t make faces, Mel, when I’m talking to TV Guide. But if you’d like to grab anything, you know you have carte blanche."

Mel filed a humorous video report from last night’s Results Show, in which Cristian de la Fuente took her to task for doubting him earlier in the season. Entertainment Tonight has a video report as well.

Based on her interview with OK!, Marissa Jaret Winokur seems too busy to be down about being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

Kristi Yamaguchi is understandably pumped about making the finals, as she wrote in her blog for OK! Magazine. She also posted after Monday night’s Performance Show.

Catching up on other news items from Monday night’s episode of DwtS, which was seen by 18.27 million viewers, People filed a "What You Didn’t See" report from the set.

Following the show, the dancers usually go out to dinner with their friends and family. The Insider has a video of a swarm of photographers waiting outside of a restaurant for the stars to emerge.

MOIB covert operative "Oxpal" went out to dinner with Cristian & Cheryl after the May 6 Performance Show, and she got to experience the paparazzi first hand. When Oxpal left the restaurant to get something from her car, one of photogs yelled, "Put your cameras down. It’s nobody." Don’t worry, Oxpal. You’re a big star here at My Ox Is Broken!

Another friend of the Ox is waiting to learn if her show will be back on the air this fall. Writer Kira Snyder‘s show, Moonlight, was cancelled by CBS yesterday, although the producers are holding out hope that another network, like The CW, will pick up the show for a second season.

I’d be cool with The CW canning Smallville — which is losing its stars left and right — in favor of Moonlight. TV Guide’s Matt Roush sounds like he’d be on board, too.

CBS announced the rest of its fall plans, which are viewable in grid form at TV Guide’s website.