Ox Notes: June 3, 2008

As shows vie for Emmy nominations, Variety listed some possible contenders in the reality TV categories. Just don’t expect to see many nominations for celebreality shows. Another Variety article proposes that the proliferation of reality shows has made viewers more discriminating about what they watch.

I’m a discriminating viewer in my own right — so long as you don’t count my regular viewings of Wheel of Fortune, It’s Me or the Dog, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and decade-old Frasier and Star Trek: Voyager reruns. Uh, anyway, I was impressed by last night’s season premiere of The Mole. I especially enjoyed when the contestants voted on who amongst them was the biggest whiner, only to have the whiner put in charge of all of the decision-making for the day. Zap2It has a recap of the episode.

Harold Perrineau spoke with EW.com to clarify some of his public comments about the Lost season finale. I hope that the show’s writers are taking his comments seriously, because he’s got some good ideas.

Billy Zane has been cast as a lawyer on the poorly-titled new ABC show Finnegan.

The Futon Critic has a list of celebrities scheduled to appear on CBS’s Password, including Dancing with the Stars veterans Shanna Moakler, Sara Evans, and Monique Coleman.

Frequent Daily Show guest and Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria debuted an international news show on CNN this weekend, aptly titled Fareed Zakaria — GPS. He spoke with TV Guide about his new program, which won’t preclude him from future appearances on The Daily Show. Here’s his most recent appearance, from January 14, 2008: