Ox Notes: June 19, 2008

It’s Half-Naked Guy Day at My Ox Is Broken!

I didn’t intend for today’s Ox Notes to have a theme. While thinking of ways to encourage MOIB readers to watch the Euro 2008 soccer tournament (tomorrow’s match between Turkey & Croatia should be great), I figured I’d write something like, "If you thought Jason Taylor was hot on Dancing with the Stars, check out Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal."

I noticed that all of the gossip mags are covering the release of the new Georgia Armani underwear ads featuring David Beckham. That fits in with the football theme, so nothing wrong with linking to pics of Becks in his skivvies.

And then, ExtraTV.com posted a photo of Mario Lopez’s centerfold spread for People magazine’s Hottest Bachelors issue. Mario’s completely naked, with only his hand covering Little Mario. It’s way more Slater than I ever wanted to see. Straight guys should not click on the link, unless "Gouge Own Eyes Out" was already on today’s To Do list.

With all of the attention he’s getting these days, you’d think someone would tell Mario Lopez to stop talking so much. He told The Insider that he wishes he would have dated Eva Longoria Parker before she got married.

Former Twin Peaks (and, less notably, Viva Laughlin) star Madchen Amick has been cast as the older woman interested in Nate on season two of Gossip Girl.

A new t-shirt featuring Andrew’s famous phrase, "I have a culinary boner," was revealed on last night’s Top Chef: Chicago Reunion. The shirt is available for purchase here.

Variety has an article about L.A. fashion designers featured on past seasons of Project Runway.

Last night’s episode of Countdown with Keith Olbermann featured a helpful explanation of why gas prices are so high. It all has to do with something known as the "Enron loophole," which you can safely assume is not good.

Finally, here are links to videos of performances on last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance: Comfort & Chris, Kherington & Twitch, Kourtni & Matt, Jessica & Will, Chelsie & Mark, Katee & Joshua, Courtney & Gev, Susie & Marquis, and Chelsea & Thayne.