Ox Notes: June 25, 2008

Last night’s premieres of Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show fulfilled every hope I had for them (links lead to full episodes, available for viewing at ABC’s website). Wipeout is like American Gladiators with a sense of humor and less testosterone, and Japanese Game Show has nice a cultural "fish out of water" element akin to The Amazing Race.

The Mole will air one more new episode this coming Monday before taking a break on July 7, returning with a special recap episode on July 14. New episodes presumably return the following week.

Drew Lachey has started a Broadway run as part of the cast of the musical Spamalot.

Dancing with the Stars alums Jerry Springer and Mel B will host the Miss Universe Pageant, which airs on NBC on July 13.

Variety’s Brian Lowry writes about the growing sentiment in Hollywood that SAG should stop hoping that they can negotiate a better contract with the studios than AFTRA did, and avoid another lengthy strike.

Entertainment Weekly posted shows #75-51 on its list of 100 New TV Classics. Has anyone younger than 25 even heard of Wiseguy, which EW ranks at #74?

MSN has a list of ’80s personalities worthy of their own reality shows, including inspired choices like Yahoo Serious and William Zabka, a.k.a. Johnny from The Karate Kid. He’ll decide when you’ve had enough.