Ox Notes: July 15, 2008

An injury has forced So You Think You Can Dance contestant Jessica to withdraw from the competition. Comfort, who was eliminated last week, has taken over Jessica’s spot in the Top 10.

SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy spoke with TV Guide about Jessica’s departure, which may have been due to an injury the dancer had hidden from the producers until this weekend, according to a report at Zap2It.

In Jessica’s honor, EW posted a photo gallery of 20 Abrupt Reality TV Farewells.

Blog MeTalkinToYou posted spoilers about the identities of the new couples, and which dances the pairs will perform on tomorrow night’s episode of SYTYCD. On Wednesday’s show, each couple will perform two routines, and each contestant will dance a solo. Then on Thursday, every dancer will participate in two of three group numbers (one boys’ routine and one girls’ routine, in addition to the usual the whole cast routine). Maybe the producers are trying to injure every contestant so they can end the season early and go on vacation.

TV Guide has the scoop on the guest judges appearing on the fifth season of Project Runway, including LL Cool J and Apolo Anton Ohno. PR mentor Tim Gunn told People that fans will "get mad" at many of the judges’ decisions during the new season, which premieres Wednesday night.

Developmental psychologists at Illinois State University have determined that the type of television shows teens watch affects their dating lives and their perceptions of gender roles.

Actress Alyssa Milano, who must’ve watched a lot of baseball when she was a teen, has sworn off dating MLBers, calling them "childish."